At the Giftery & Co, we specialise in delivering the ultimate preserved rose gifts. Roses have been a go-to for gift giving for centuries and for good reason – who wouldn’t want to receive them? Roses tell the recipient that they are appreciated and cared for, loved and all of the above. Roses tell the recipient exactly what you need to say and in any context. They can mean what you what them to mean without having to say a word. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they are the also the perfect gesture for any occasion. What more could you want from a gift do you say?

Well at the Giftery & Co, we have made that gesture and the feelings that come with it ever-lasting. Imagine the beauty of roses but for longer! Not weeks and not months but preserved roses last for years with good care. Sounds magical? They sure look it but the secret is in the science. The Giftery & Co starts by selecting real fresh roses in numerous beautiful colours just like any good florist. Roses are inherently beautiful but the lifespan of roses cannot exceed much longer than a week even with proper care. Preserved roses have been conditioned in a special solution which allows each rose to maintain its freshness for years. The end result is each and every preserved rose looks and feels as fresh as it did once it first bloomed. We kid you not, our preserved roses look and feel just like real roses – because that’s just what they are. Preserved roses are real roses which last for years to come. So if you are looking for an anniversary gift, preserved roses will truly symbolise your everlasting and ever growing love. How about a housewarming gift? Preserved roses will brighten up any room or space like any beautiful bouquet would but – wait for it – without the need to even water the roses! Better yet, why not gift yourself (we don’t judge any practice of self-care) and decorate your own space, instantly transforming any house or apartment into a beautiful home. Let’s not stop there. If a friend or loved one has just graduated then preserved roses are the perfect gift to celebrate and adorn for years and symbolise years of hard graft. Birthdays, you say? The Giftery & Co’s collection of hand crafted preserved rose gifts come in classic red and ivory or beautiful hues of pink, peach and rosier or deeper wine reds. Whichever you decide, your preserved rose gift will last from one birthday or occasion to the next. Needless to say preserved roses are the perfect Valentine’s Day option for reasons which should now be obvious! The list is endless with preserved roses but we still want to give you some more – just a few. Preserved roses make a beautiful choice for weddings, to decorate reception tables, gift to a bride or groom or even to gift any deserving bridesmaids who have made the day special.

Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered. Gift giving is proven to strengthen bonds and intimacy allowing us to express gratitude, admiration and love through our actions which is why roses have always remained one of the most popular options to date. But make your gesture last with everlasting preserved roses where your beautiful arrangement can be adored for years. In fact, why not visit our socials to view how our preserved roses look in situ, and decide now for yourself on what is the perfect gift – preserved roses.

Preserved roses offer a fantastic gift idea for anyone in your life who appreciates having flowers around their home. While receiving a bunch of fresh flowers is a lovely gesture, preserved roses, which are also often known as infinity or forever roses, will last far longer than the week or so that your typical floral arrangement will be on display in your home. Today we’re going to discover what preserved roses are and what sets the roses you’ll find on our website apart from other options online.

What are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are real roses which are preserved in a way that allows them to last for between one and three years. One common misconception about preserved roses is that they are made from silk or another synthetic material, but this isn’t the case at all. In order to preserve our roses, we ensure they are cut at the time when they are looking their most stunning. The process to preserve the roses takes a few days, which leaves you with beautiful roses that look natural but will last much longer than a typical bunch of flowers.

In order to create the best results, all of our roses are picked from the top rose farms throughout South America. We cut our roses when they are mid-bloom, which gives them the optimum state to be preserved. To start this process, we dehydrate the flowers, and then they are conditioned with a non-toxic conditioning solution. This helps the rose to come back to life in a manner that will last for years to come, instead of just a few days.

One of the best things about purchasing infinity roses is that they need little care once you put them on display in your home. You won’t need to water your forever roses, making them a hassle-free gift for your loved ones. They’ll be able to create pretty arrangements around their home, brightening up any space for years to come.

Why Should You Purchase Your Preserved Roses From Us?

There are many reasons why we encourage you to check out our collection of forever roses. We take great pride and care in offering only the highest quality products, which we will ensure meet the high standards of our customers each and every time. One thing that really sets us apart from other stores offering preserved roses is that we are committed to selling sustainable and eco-friendly products. Our process is eco-certified to ensure we aren’t consuming too much energy when creating and selling infinity roses, and each rose is also bio-degradable and non-hazardous.

When you purchase forever roses, you’ll find that you help to save our planet due to the reduction in the need for chemicals, water, and transportation that real roses require. They are a much more eco-friendly choice than real flowers, while also offering you the chance to save money over time. Our roses will liven up any space in your home, making them a great addition to your property during any celebration or special occasion. We could all use with a little cheering up each morning when we wake up, and your new infinity roses will certainly put a smile on your face each time you see them.

Our team is passionate about helping you to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Our preserved roses would be the ideal wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift, but they also are good options for housewarming and engagement gifts. Everyone loves to receive flowers, and roses are some of the most beautiful flowers out there. You’ll create a great impression on anyone you gift this long-lasting present to, and they’ll think of you every time they see their infinity roses.

There are so many reasons to consider buying preserved roses the next time you are searching for a special gift. Compared to real flowers, you’ll find they are a much more eco-friendly and cost-effective option, which will look great in any home or apartment. On our site, you’ll find a range of products, all of which will impress anyone you gift them to. Our team will be on hand at any point to answer your questions about preserved roses and the process that we use to create the stunning products we offer.

Contact us today for more information or browse through our online store now to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. We can’t wait for you to experience the beauty of preserved roses soon, so that you can see all of the benefits of these flowers for yourself.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your dearest friends, childhood bestie or work pals, you may be wondering – what do I get them?; where do I start?; what if they don’t like this or what if they don’t like that?; and will my hard earned money is wasted? Everyone understands that frantic feeling! Not to worry, your search ends now with our undeniably adorable Rose Teddy Bears.

The Rose Teddy Bears are made from synthetic roses which means that with proper care, they last forever. This makes them the perfect sentiment for a long standing friendship or even a budding friendship which you hope to last as long. Each Rose Bear is hand made with every faux rose carefully positioned so that the end result is nothing short of adorable. The final product consists of a Rose Bear made of Faux roses in several stunning colours. In fact, The Rose Bear collection is so popular that The Giftery and Co have expanded their selection to include tiffany blue, Peach blush and, midnight Black, making them the perfect choice to gift for any occasion, picking out their (or your) favourite colour!

Rose Bears show just the right amount of love and appreciation which makes them perfect for gifting friends. They can be gifted for a birthday, graduation, wedding, baby shower, gender reveal, leaving gift, you name it! The Rose Bear comes in two sizes, 25cm for those who prefer small and dinky, displayed in a smaller shelf kinda thing, or scaled up at 40cm if you prefer to make a bigger statement – style your Rose Bear as a center piece on your bedding or dressing table. Either way they are both undoubtedly stunning.

The Rose Bear can be kept in its case and displayed as it is or removed from its case to stand alone. The Giftery and Co finishes off each bear with their signature bow on both the neck of the Rose Bear and wrapped around its case, saving you from having to do any gift wrapping of your own! Each gift comes delivered in a secure and discreet postage box, leaving even more room for surprise.

A social media favourite, these Rose Bears are so popular that your friend is guaranteed to have lusted over one before. Nevertheless, the Rose Bears at the Giftery and Co surpass those of their competitors because each bear is hand made and individually sealed with their signature satin ribbon, rather than the generic “just for you” versions which scream “made in a factory in China and shipped here”.

If you really wish to go all out for your friend, The Giftery and Co are currently running a special offer where you receive a free 25cm Rose Bear of your choice when you purchase a large round eternity box. The eternity box comes in real red roses and real ivory roses which are preserved to last for years! The large round box is the most sought after shape and consists of 19 real roses arranged perfectly in a hat box.

Have a look at @thegifteryandco Instagram page to see how each Rose Bear or eternity rose box can be styled in your home. View the array of colours which are included in the collection and that will be only the hard choice you will have to make if considering a gift for your friends!